Song of Kellen Foundation

After Kellen’s tragic death at the age of 22, his parents were approached by two of Kellen’s dear friends and coworkers. They expressed a desire to create a charity golf tournament in Kellen’s name to memorialize this exceptional young man. Realizing how much work organizing such an event would entail, his father asked these men why they were compelled to take this on. Their answer was “LOVE.” They explained that Kellen was deeply loved by so many friends, coworkers, and customers at his job, and that the Kellen O’Neil Memorial Golf Tournament would allow them to express their love while celebrating Kellen’s great appreciation of both golf and music. 

Song of Kellen Foundation, Inc. was created to raise money through donations, sponsorships, and participation in the Inaugural Kellen O’Neil Memorial Golf Tournament on October 7, 2019 and every year thereafter.

Following each golf tournament, young music students will be identified by the foundation’s board members and awarded musical instruments that they might otherwise never own – empowering them to touch the hearts of many people through their music, just as Kellen touched all of us with his wonderful musical gifts and with his love.